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Kiki's Tutor Palace has been providing young minds of South Florida with academic excellence for over 16 years.

The Palace was created to educate and inspire children of all ages by using tools geared toward propelling academic excellence and achieving self-confidence. Miss Keisha Reeves, trained educator and proprietor of the Palace, was determined to help her then 5 year old physically and mentally challenged son overcome all obstacles and excel to great heights. In so doing, she enhanced her teaching methods, which facilitate excellent reading skills. She also developed her own materials and principles that she uses daily to effectively achieve optimum results in developing the young minds of the Palace.

Because of her passion for learning and teaching, she utilizes innovative techniques that are unique to each student’s needs in order to achieve the desired outcomes. “Miss Keisha”, as she is affectionately called by her students, is a strong and determined individual whose love for what she does leaves a lasting effect on her students. She strives for excellence and settles for nothing less than superb achievement in ALL students.

At Kiki’s Tutor Palace, you are assured that your child’s overall well-being (mental and physical) is our number one objective, and no child will be left behind!!

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